Monday, January 31, 2011

Starting of my first Project

I have started a new venture. A Canadian Dene Indian designer D'Arcy Moses has let me photograph his latest creations.  I photographed 4 coats and one vest.  I have no proper lighting yet and the lights I used were just horrible but I only had less than 2 hours to do the project.  I still have some touch ups to do but I figured I would post and get some insight. 


  1. Pretty good. Love the hand in the pocket. The blue one really pops
    Maybe if you do others you can fill with some paper to give more dimension or see if you can borrow a manakin. (I have no idea if that would be effective or not I have never photographed clothes before)
    Also even though the lighting you have might be crap use a tripod and run the longer exposer time. and try to angle your light as if it were sunshine above maybe at 45 can even try white bristol board (or anything white to bounce some soft light.
    Nice work

  2. Thanks Nancy, I am looking into a manakin for future uses. I am hoping he will let me do more. I would appreciate that so I can learn. I am going to look into lighting although I can't fix the ones already done too much except for photoshop. I like the bristol board idea I will get some for next time.

  3. In Photoshop you can make a bright gradient from wherever you want. ( I have had success with that ....I know ou can photoshop circles around me). Try experimenting with whatever you have desk lamps those yellow work lights from the hardware store. I have even used my iPhone on white screen. The dream a two or more speedlights.... But that will wait for now.