Monday, January 31, 2011

Starting of my first Project

I have started a new venture. A Canadian Dene Indian designer D'Arcy Moses has let me photograph his latest creations.  I photographed 4 coats and one vest.  I have no proper lighting yet and the lights I used were just horrible but I only had less than 2 hours to do the project.  I still have some touch ups to do but I figured I would post and get some insight. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well day two...I haven't started my online course yet

So I am off to a good start I am already procrastinating about starting my course. So.... I figured what I might do first is post a few of my favorite pictures that I have taken over the years.,  I was using a Canon Powershot S2 IS with these photos.

Running of the Bulls
The view from an old church

Self portrait
Calanques, Cassis France

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pure sweet smile

Canon EOS Rebel t2i
  • ISO 400
  • f/5
  • 1/60 sec shutter
  • flash mode auto
  • raw

What is this blog about; you ask?

I am learning about photography and I am going to use this blog to post my pictures that I take.  I welcome any comments good or bad.  My goal is to learn as I go.   I work full time and I find it hard to be able to take classes at a school right now.   My goal is too take a course online and post as I go on whatever project I am learning at the time.  Wish me luck and I hope not to make a fool out of myself too badly :)

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